We are an exceptionally talented and swashbuckling team of marketing and growth-oriented entrepreneurs. We employ our own capital and many years of experience to nurture and accelerate the development of a very limited number of promising software-oriented companies and established, ongoing traditional businesses where we can make a difference.

Often companies are referred to us by top venture capital and private equity funds. These firms are more likely to invest in a particular enterprise once that company achieves mutually agreed upon milestones developed with our efforts and guidance.  As a team we become the advocates for these developing companies, working hand in hand with the founders to achieve seed, early stage, A or B round funding from top venture firms.

Musketeer also accepts referrals from (1) former students and colleagues who are now running their own companies or serving as partners in venture and private equity firms and (2) our extensive network in the startup ecosystem who value our growth-oriented focus having experienced “all five sides of the table”—founding, building, funding, acquiring and exiting businesses.

All four Musketeers possess outstanding entrepreneurial track records. Musketeer partners are particularly unique in applying their expertise in marketing strategy, big data, proof of concept testing, customer/user acquisition and roll-out strategies.

Musketeer Capital will work only with companies we personally invest in. We have a strong preference for those opportunities where revenues are largely recurring and/or driven by “repeat and referral” behavior. As appropriate, we will bring in other high-value add, investors to supplement our skills, experience and knowledge.